INT D 404 - Global Citizenship: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives

★ 3 (fi 6)(EITHER, 3-0-0)

Faculty of Education

This course aims to provide students the opportunity to engage with current literature and experts, and to extend their own research skills as they strive to understand how global citizenship might frame the roles of individuals and communities with which they will interact in increasingly diverse social, economic, and political contexts that are not restricted by geographical or social boundaries. This course will examine select theories and case studies that focus on the constructions of global citizenship, and how citizenship is (has been) lived, denied, recreated and/or re-imagined. [Educational Policy Studies]

Winter Term 2021


LECTURE 850 (91534)
Capacity: 40
2021-01-11 - 2021-04-16

Primary Instructor: Lynette Shultz

Fall Term 2021


LECTURE 800 (53292)
Capacity: 40
2021-09-01 - 2021-12-07

Winter Term 2022


LECTURE 850 (68144)
Capacity: 40
2022-01-05 - 2022-04-08