KSR 789 - Seminar

0 units (fi 0)(EITHER, 10 HOURS)

Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

This online non-credit course is mandatory for students to earn their certificate and will provide a forum for students to share their thoughts, perspectives, and insights on their coaching in a supportive student-centred environment. The seminar's content will vary from year to year based on the specific needs and make-up of the students. In general, however, each session will include opportunities for students to discuss and reflect on their own coaching based on different prompts, exercises, readings, and guest lectures concerning a variety of coaching- related topics. Importantly, there will also be a focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion as it relates to coaching running through every topic covered. One topic in particular that will be covered will be the uniqueness of Indigenous cultures, values, and lifestyles and the influence this can have in shaping more equitable and just coaching practices.

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