MED 700B - Fundamentals for Translational Cardiovascular Clinical Investigators (#1)

3 units (fi 12)(TWO TERM, 3-0-0)

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

[Strategic Training Fellow in Cardiovascular Research Tomorrow's Research Cardiovascular Health Professionals (TORCH)]. Is a lecture/seminar course designed to provide a comprehensive hands on exposure to a variety of research fields including Bio-medical, Clinical, Health Services, Social, Cultural, Environmental and Population Health. This multidisciplinary approach will use seminars, debates, case studies, journal clubs and workshops to develop the skills and knowledge base required to implement collaborative cardiovascular research projects. Seminar topics to include: biostatistics and health economics, congestive heart failure, obesity, new technologies, vascular biology, women's issues in vascular medicine, endothelial dysfunction, and electrophysiology. Prerequisite: Restricted to students who have received consent from TORCH Executive Advisory Committee and the course coordinator.

No syllabi