NU FS 461 - Foodservice Systems Management

★ 3 (fi 6)(FIRST, 3-0-0)

Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences

Operational techniques and special problems encountered during the preparation and service of food in quantity, in both commercial operations and foodservice establishments. This course uses a blended learning format to explore real-world foodservice issues. Prerequisites: NU FS 223, NU FS 250, NU FS 374. May contain alternate delivery sections: refer to the Tuition and Fees page in the University Regulations section of the Calendar.

Fall Term 2023


Section Capacity Dates + Times Instructor(s)
2023-09-05 - 2023-12-08
MWF 09:00 - 09:50 (ECHA L1-430)
Primary Instructor: Heidi Bates
Assistant Instructor: Lynn Kirkland