PHYSL 510 - Clinical & Translational Physiology

3 units (fi 6)(EITHER, 3-0-0)

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Innovative online course featuring unique systems approach to learning fundamental concepts in physiology and biomedical research. Real-world cases in clinical medicine highlighting each major organ system are presented in a problem-based learning format. Essential themes in physiology and pathophysiology including complex inter-relationships between organ and control systems are used to unravel each clinical case. Gaps in clinical knowledge and practice are linked to current scientific and translational research strategies. Enriches preparation for careers in medicine, biomedical research and health-related fields. Prerequisites: PHYSL 212 and 214 (or 210) or equivalent and consent of Department. This course may not be taken for credit if credit has already been obtained in PHYSL 410.

No syllabi

Spring Term 2024


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2024-05-06 - 2024-06-12