SPH 536A - Engagement for Public Health Action

★ 1 (fi 4)(VAR, 3-0-0)

School of Public Health

Our perceptions and interpretations of what is good for society are at the core of public health's mission but, as you can imagine, every individual has their own opinion about what is good. How do we motivate and engage people with such diverse attitudes and opinions in the dialogue that leads to public health action? Coupled with a deep dive into the philosophical underpinnings of meta-ethics, normative ethics, epistemology and ontology, this course helps students understand why public health is not as straightforward as one might expect. How different worldviews and ways of knowing shape concepts of ethics and values and, ultimately, understandings of what is good, are considered from normative, Indigenous, and other non-Western perspectives. This foundational work supports experiential learning opportunities where students are paired with organizations and professionals to gain insights into practices and experiences of engagement for public health action. SPH 536 is a required course for the degree of Master of Public Health in General Public Health. Prerequisite: SPH 530. Corequisites: SPH 562, SPH 535, or consent of instructor.

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