SPH 563A - Evaluation in Public Health Practice

★ 1.5 (fi 6)(VAR, 3-0-0)

School of Public Health

An overview of evaluative thinking and practice in the assessment, planning, implementation and monitoring of public health interventions. Different types of evaluation are considered, including: needs assessment, process evaluation, monitoring of outputs and outcomes, impact assessment, and cost analysis. Evaluation approaches, steps, strategies, and rigour are explored. Consideration is given to how Indigenous and other minoritized populations' ways of knowing can be incorporated into the design and conduct of evaluation. The course addresses evaluation practice competencies that align with the Canadian Evaluation Society's competency framework. SPH 563 is a required course for the degree of Master of Public Health in General Public Health. Prerequisites: SPH 530, SPH 562 ,SPH 535, SPH 536, and SPH 541A, or consent of instructor. Corequisites: SPH 537, SPH 541B, and SPH 546, or consent of instructor.

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