Anne Bissonnette, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sci - Human Ecology Dept

Fall Term 2024 (1890)

HECOL 360 - Dress and Culture

3 units (fi 6)(EITHER, 3-0-0)

The complex phenomenon of bodily adornment is explored in relationship to values, attitudes, activities, beliefs, and forms of knowledge. Clothing is considered in terms of how it is expressive of various aspects of culture. Students develop analytical skills to help them understand the role played by clothing in different times, places, and contexts. Prerequisite: HECOL 268. Normally offered in alternate years.

LECTURE A1 (53804)

2024-09-03 - 2024-12-09
TR 11:00 - 12:20

Winter Term 2025 (1900)

HECOL 268 - Survey of Historic Dress in the Western World

3 units (fi 6)(EITHER, 3-0-0)

Introduction to the historical development of dress in the Western World with contemporary applications in design, merchandising, arts performance, education and museums. Resources include the Anne Lambert Clothing and Textiles Collection.

LECTURE B1 (71478)

2025-01-06 - 2025-04-09
MWF 11:00 - 11:50

HECOL 668 - Material Culture and Curatorship

3 units (fi 6)(EITHER, 0-3S-0)

Examines the different ways in which artifacts-from the body to the built environment-are interpreted in physical and virtual exhibitions. The course is designed to include a variety of student interests but pieces from the Anne Lambert Clothing and Textiles Collection will serve as preferred artifacts for assignments. Guest lecturers and site visits add to lectures on museum practices such as handling and mounting, storage, registrarial processes, research and exhibition design. Students co-curate an exhibition as part of the course.

SEMINAR B1 (77848)

2025-01-06 - 2025-04-09
TR 09:30 - 10:50