Ashwin Iyer, PhD

Associate Chair Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Engineering - Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept
Professor, Faculty of Engineering - Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept

Fall Term 2021 (1770)

ECE 478 - Microwave Circuits

★ 3 (fi 8)(EITHER, 3-0-3/2)

Introduction to RF/microwave circuits and their applications. Maxwell's Equations and basic wave-propagation concepts. Transmission-line theory and impedance-matching techniques. Practical planar transmission lines. Lumped and distributed microwave-circuit elements. Microwave network analysis using impedance/admittance parameters, scattering parameters, and transmission-matrix methods. Analysis, design, fabrication, and test of practical RF/microwave devices including power dividers/combiners, couplers, amplifiers, and filters. Prerequisites: ECE 370 or E E 315 or PHYS 381. Credit may be obtained in only one of ECE 478 or E E 478.

LECTURE A1 (42066)
2021-09-01 - 2021-12-07
MWF 08:00 - 08:50 (NRE 2-003)

Winter Term 2022 (1780)

ECE 577 - Antenna Theory and Design

★ 3 (fi 6)(EITHER, 3-0-0)

Mechanisms of radiation and propagation, fundamental Antenna parameters, antenna array analysis and synthesis, source modeling, traditional and low-profile resonant antennas, broadband antennas, aperture and horn antennas, antenna-measurement facilities and techniques, special topics addressing recent developments in antenna theory and design. Prerequisites: E E 315 or equivalent, and E E 470 and/or E E 478 or equivalent considered an asset.

LECTURE B1 (62156)
2022-01-05 - 2022-04-08
TH 09:30 - 10:50 (ECERF W6-087)