Erin Nelson, BScPT (Alberta), LLB (Alberta), LLM (Columbia), JSD (Columbia)

Professor, Faculty of Law - Admin

Fall Term 2023 (1850)

LAW 530 - Health Care Ethics and the Law

★ 3 (fi 6)(EITHER, 0-3S-0)

In this course, students will develop an understanding of health law and health care ethics, and of the relationship - and tensions - between law and ethics in the health care context. Topics covered will include allocation of health care resources, physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, organ donation, assisted reproductive technologies, medical tourism and research involving human subjects.

SEMINAR A01 (88047)

2023-09-06 - 2023-12-05
R 14:00 - 16:50 (TBD)

2023-09-06 - 2023-12-05
R 14:00 - 16:50 (LC 113)

Winter Term 2024 (1860)

LAW 430B - Torts

★ 2.5 (fi 10)(TWO TERM, 2;3-0-0)

The law of negligence, damages, intentional interferences with persons, property and chattels, the law of strict liability, occupiers' liability, nuisance, defamation, the economic torts, the future of tort law.

LECTURE C02 (12691)

2024-01-08 - 2024-04-12
TR 09:00 - 10:20 (LC 231A)

LAW 531 - Law and Medicine

★ 3 (fi 6)(EITHER, 3-0-0)

Selected topics pertinent to law and medicine with an emphasis on the practical implications of the law for the medical profession and the effect of changes in medical practice and institutions on the law. Problems will be examined with assistance from professionals working in the relevant areas and recommendations for law reform will be sought.

LECTURE B01 (18066)

2024-01-08 - 2024-04-12
TR 10:30 - 11:50 (LC 113)