Florin Sabac, PhD Accounting, PhD Mathematics, MSc, BSc Mathematics

Professor, Alberta School of Business - Department of Accounting and Business Analytics

Winter Term 2024 (1860)

ACCTG 424 - Intermediate Management Accounting

★ 3 (fi 6)(EITHER, 3-0-0)

Emphasizes mastery of techniques for implementation and evaluation of cost systems for management and decision making. Cost issues include: accumulating and analyzing costs using actual, standard and activity-based approaches, overhead allocation and cost estimation. Management topics include: pricing, production and investment decisions, revenue analysis, performance evaluation, management incentive systems and strategy analysis. Linear programming and multiple regression may be used. Prerequisites: ACCTG 322 and MGTSC 312. There is a consolidated exam for ACCTG 424.

LECTURE B01 (11823)

2024-01-08 - 2024-04-12
MW 09:30 - 10:50 (BUS 1-05)

LECTURE B02 (11824)

2024-01-08 - 2024-04-12
MW 11:00 - 12:20 (BUS 1-05)