Felix Sperling

Professor, Faculty of Science - Biological Sciences

Winter Term 2021 (1740)

BIOL 335 - Principles of Systematics

★ 3 (fi 6)(SECOND, 3-1S-0)

An introduction to the principles, methods, and applications of biological systematics, including reconstruction of phylogenies, creation of classifications, historical biogeography, and applications in evolutionary biology. Each student will analyze phylogenetic data and write a description of a species and its relationships. Prerequisite: BIOL 108 or SCI 100 and a 200-level Biological Sciences course; BIOL 221 strongly recommended.

LECTURE B1 (94864)
2021-01-11 - 2021-04-16
TH 09:30 - 10:50 (TBD)