Jacek Tuszynski, PhD

Full Lecturer, Faculty of Science - Physics

Spring Term 2024 (1870)

PHYS 124 - Particles and Waves

★ 3 (fi 6)(EITHER, 3-0-3)

Algebra-based course primarily for students in life, environmental, and medical sciences. It guides the student through two distinct types of motion: motion of matter (particles) and wave motion. Vectors, forces, bodies in equilibrium, review of kinematics and basic dynamics; conservation of momentum and energy; circular motion; vibrations; elastic waves in matter; sound; wave optics; black body radiation, photons, de Broglie waves. Examples relevant in environmental, life, and medical sciences will be emphasized. Prerequisites: Physics 20 or equivalent, Mathematics 30-1. Physics 30 is strongly recommended. Note: Credit may be obtained for only one of PHYS 124, 144, EN PH 131 or SCI 100. Note: To proceed to PHYS 146 after taking PHYS 124, it is strongly recommended that a minimum grade of B- be achieved in PHYS 124.

LECTURE A1 (30031)

2024-05-06 - 2024-06-12
MTWRF 11:30 - 12:40 (CAB 243)