Keith Godfrey

Full Executive Professor, Alberta School of Business - Department of Finance

Spring Term 2024 (1870)

FIN 625 - Finance in Professional Accounting

4.5 units (fi 9)(EITHER, 4.5-0-0)

Intended for students pursuing the CPA designation, this course looks at derivatives, hedging, risk management, financial statement analysis and valuation. Open to students enrolled in the MAcc program only.

LECTURE A01 (31524)

2024-05-06 - 2024-06-12
01:00 - 01:00

FIN 818 - Fixed Income

3 units (fi 6)(EITHER, 3-0-0)

This course covers markets for interest rate-paying securities. The valuation of such securities will be covered, as will tools and techniques for the management of interest rate risk. This will include a discussion of the pricing and uses of various interest rate derivative securities, such as swaps, options on swaps (swaptions), futures, and forward rate agreements. Further, aspects of the underwriting process, of interest to potential issuers of such securities, will be discussed. Restricted to students registered in the MFM Program.

LECTURE 800 (31494)

2024-05-27 - 2024-06-12
01:00 - 01:00

Fall Term 2024 (1890)

FIN 201 - Introduction to Finance

3 units (fi 6)(EITHER, 3-1S-0)

Types of securities and basic methods of valuation. Valuation and selection of physical and intellectual assets. Operation of asset markets and market efficiency. Risk measures and risk reduction methods. Financing policy, including choices between debt and equity financing. Note: Students are expected to have basic familiarity with microcomputer applications. Prerequisite: STAT 161 or equivalent. Pre- or corequisites: MGTSC 212 or 312, ACCTG 200 or 300 or ACCTG 211 or 311. Students may not receive credit for both FIN 201 and FIN 301.

LECTURE A01 (46279)

2024-09-03 - 2024-12-09
TR 15:30 - 16:50

FIN 418 - Fixed Income

3 units (fi 6)(EITHER, 3-0-0)

The valuation and management of interest-rate contracts. The main focus is on the behaviour of bond portfolios and related risk-management techniques. The institutional features of North American fixed-income markets complete the course. Prerequisites: FIN 301, 412.

LECTURE A01 (46282)

2024-09-03 - 2024-12-09
TR 09:30 - 10:50

FIN 501 - Managerial Finance

3 units (fi 6)(VAR, 3-0-0)

Fundamental concepts in asset valuation are discussed within the context of simple asset pricing models and efficient financial markets. This course introduces the valuation of financial assets such as bonds and stocks. Further topics include the issuing of financial securities, leverage, dividend policy, cash management, and derivative securities. Credit will not be given for FIN 501 when FIN 503 has been completed. Prerequisites: ACCTG 501, BUEC 503, and MGTSC 501.

LECTURE 800 (52791)

2024-09-03 - 2024-12-09
01:00 - 01:00

Winter Term 2025 (1900)

FIN 455 - Financial Modelling

3 units (fi 6)(EITHER, 3-0-0)

Financial models are important in financial statement preparation, cash flow analysis, capital budgeting, business valuation, risk management, performance analysis, and many other management decision processes. In this course you will learn to construct financial spreadsheet models using current best practices with the functionality available in Excel. Topics include modelling basics, spreadsheet operations, financial statement models, valuation models, cost of capital, corporate transactions, sensitivity and scenario analyses, aesthetics and visualization, time series models, and an introduction to advanced Excel features. The emphasis is on building good models that help in decision making, with examples and exercises from the breadth of corporate finance. Prerequisite: FIN 201.

LECTURE B01 (77932)

2025-01-06 - 2025-04-09
TR 12:30 - 13:50

LECTURE B02 (77933)

2025-01-06 - 2025-04-09
TR 14:00 - 15:20