Stephanie Chamberlain

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing

Winter Term 2024 (1860)

INT D 690 - Knowledge Utilization: Science and Practice

★ 3 (fi 6)(SECOND, 0-3S-0)

This course examines the science and practice of knowledge utilization, including theoretical underpinnings and exploration and critique of evidenced-based practice and knowledge translation in health care. Particular attention will be given to the conceptual and methodological features of the scientific field of knowledge utilization, knowledge use in complex organizations, and the design and application of strategies to increase the use of diverse forms of knowledge in health care policy and practice.

SEMINAR B01 (17268)

2024-01-08 - 2024-04-12
T 09:00 - 11:50 (ECHA 2-125)

SEMINAR 850 (17269)

2024-01-08 - 2024-04-12
T 09:00 - 11:50 (TBD)