PHYSL 469 - Undergraduate Research Thesis II

★ 6 (fi 12)(EITHER, 0-0-12)

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Taken in conjunction with PHYSL 468, this 6-credit course is the second part of a 12-credit program in two terms resulting in an honours research thesis in Physiology. Upon satisfactory progress in first-term PHYSL 468, students will continue their research and produce an honours thesis on their project. Students will be evaluated on a final oral presentation, a written research Thesis and performance in the laboratory. Prerequisites: PHYSL 210 or PHYSL 212/214 and consent from the course coordinator.

No syllabi

Winter Term 2024


Section Capacity Class times Instructor(s)
2024-01-08 - 2024-04-12
Primary Instructor: Silvia Pagliardini
Primary Instructor: Emmanuelle Cordat