Sven Anders

Professor, Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sci - Resource Economics & Environmental Sociology


Professor, Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sci - Resource Economics & Environmental Sociology
(780) 492-5453
5-23 General Services Building
9007 - 116 St NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H1



Job/Research Area 

I am agricultural economics with research and teaching interests in the economics of food systems, supply chains and agri-food trade. My research has studied consumer preferences and firm behaviour in the context of food quality and safety, product differentiation and competition in grocery retailing and the impacts of food standards in international agri-food marketing and trade. Extensive travels in Sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia as a student and collaborative work with colleagues around the world fuel my curiosity about the many and important roles agriculture, food, energy and climate change play in today’s world. Experiences I have made across different climate zones, production systems and cultures influence research on better understanding food systems in terms of their economics and the behaviour of the people engaged in them. 

  • Food Economics
  • Agri-food Value Chains
  • Standards in International Trade


Research Interests 

  • Economics of food systems and supply chains
  • Consumer preferences for innovations in food quality, nutrition and health
  • Grocery retail product differentiation and private label development
  • Development and impact of food quality and safety standards in international trade
  • Public perceptions and the economics of energy transition 


AREC 382 - The Economics of Food System, Distribution and Supply

AREC 384 - Current Economic Issues for Agriculture and Food

AREC 323 - Introduction to Management for Agri-Food, Environmental, and Forestry Businesses

AREC 423 - Advanced Management Methods and Applications for Agri-Food, Environmental and Forestry Businesses


AFNS 603 - Graduate Research Project

Directed laboratory study under supervision of a Faculty member. Note: May be taken more than once if the topic is different. Prerequisite: consent of Department.

Fall Term 2021
AREC 323 - Introduction to Management for Agri-Food, Environmental, and Forestry Businesses

Principles and practical aspects of business management, and their relevance to the managing businesses involved in a variety of industries, including agriculture, environment, food, and forestry. Topics include business planning and organizing, and issues related to the management of financial, physical, and human resources. Prerequisite: ECON 101.

Fall Term 2021 Winter Term 2022
AREC 400 - Special Topics

Individual study of a selected topic or problem supervised by a Faculty member, requiring preparation of written reports. Prerequisite: consent of the Department Chair.

Fall Term 2021
AREC 502 - Advanced Price Analysis

Principles of consumer demand and producer supply analysis including theoretical and empirical approaches to the analysis of consumer and producer choice. Applications include food demand analysis (single equations and systems approaches), price expectations and producer supply decisions, market model simulation and policy evaluation, and economic welfare measurement. Corequisite: ECON 481.

Fall Term 2021

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