Lingyun Chen

Professor & CRC, Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sci - Ag, Food & Nutri Sci Dept


Professor & CRC, Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sci - Ag, Food & Nutri Sci Dept
(780) 492-0038
318M Agriculture/Forestry Centre
9011 - 116 St NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2P5




PhD in Biopolymer Chemistry, Wuhan University, China

Area of Expertise

Proteins; polysaccharides; chemical modifications; structure-function relationships, biopolymeric networks including nano/micro particles; nano-fibers; hydrogels, films etc. 


Research Interests 

Our research focuses on fundamental understanding of the molecular structure and functional properties of biopolymers with specific interesting in food proteins and polysaccharides from plant resources. This fundamental knowledge has led to a systematic approach to develop new protein and polysaccharide applications in food and non-food areas.

1) Protein network (hydrogels, films, nanofibers) formation and structure-function properties

This research focuses on a systematically investigation of protein interactions and conformational changes during network formation. This is then correlated to their network microstructure and bulk features (mechanical strengths, permeability, degradation, bioactivities etc.), enabling a better understanding of structure-function relationships of protein hydrogels, films and nanofibers. Such a fundamental approach has allowed creation of novel protein applications in food, personal care and biomedical areas.

2) Protein based nano/microparticles for controlled delivery of bioactive molecules

This research has been performed in light of the growing interest within the food industry to develop innovative functional foods that may have health benefits or reduce the risk of chronic diseases. This work has led to design of a series of novel edible micro-/nano-particles that are capable of protecting labile bioactive molecules during storage and delay their release in harsh stomach conditions, and then transferring and releasing them to the intestine where they are absorbed.

3) Biopolymer functionalities and bioactivities

This work has been focused on structures of biopolymers in relation to their biological activities (e.g antioxidant, antimicrobial) and new functionalities.


Job opportunities: Postdoctoral Positions in the areas of 1) polymeric nanotechnologies, 2) polymer structure and interaction characterizations, 3) controlled/target delivery study with ex vivo and animal models. Strong publication record is required.


AFNS 532 - Advanced Food Protein Chemistry and Technology

Chemistry and technology of food protein purification, modification, structure and functional properties. Food related proteins from animal and plant sources will be discussed. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Fall Term 2021
NU FS 201 - Physical Principles of Food Structure and Functionality

Theory and application of the principles of physics important to understanding food structure and physical functionality. Topics include food materials science, flow, mechanical and physical properties of foods. Physics concepts examined include mechanics, temperature, heat and thermodynamics. Labs are problem solving sessions. Prerequisite: CHEM 102.

Fall Term 2021
NU FS 300 - Fundamentals of Dairy Science

Physiology of lactation, Biosynthesis and properties of milk components. Physical, chemical, microbiological, technological and nutritional aspects of milk. Prerequisite: *3 BIOCH.

Winter Term 2022
NU FS 312 - Quality Assurance

Statistical methods in quality assurance, sampling plans, control charts, sensory evaluation and risk management in the food industry, HACCP, good manufacturing practices, food regulations, Iabelling requirements and ISO 9000 standards. Prerequisite: (NU FS 361 or 363) and introductory statistics.

Winter Term 2022
NU FS 401 - Undergraduate Research Project

Directed laboratory study under supervision of a staff member. Note: For third- and fourth-year students only. Students must obtain approval from Department before registration. May be taken more than once provided that topic is different.

Fall Term 2021
NU FS 490 - Innovations in Food Science

Integrated exploration of emerging concepts and novel technologies in food science with focus on high pressure treatment, food packaging, hygienic design and the use of enzymes in food. Pre- or corequisites: (NU FS 283 or NU FS 311), (NU FS 372 or 373) and (NU FS 361 or 363).

Fall Term 2021

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