INT D 542 - Behavioural Change in Health Sciences

1 unit (fi 2)(EITHER, 1-0-0)

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Basic, clinical, and behavioural sciences are the three main components of health professions education. A key goal of the behavioral science curriculum is to provide students with conceptual and practical tools to facilitate behavioural changes. The objectives of this course are twofold: (i) discuss and practice a systematic approach to facilitate behavioral change and (ii) improve knowledge and skills in behavioural research. The course will be organized according to the main phases of this approach: (1) identifying a health issue caused by behavioural factors, (2) defining a target behaviour, (3) understanding the target behaviour using pertinent theories, (4) identifying behavioural determinants through generating reliable evidence, (5) selecting and applying behavioural change techniques, and (6) evaluating the impact of the behavioural intervention. Short presentations, in-preparation readings, and active learning strategies will be used to deliver the course.

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