PMCOL 403 - Advanced Topics in Pharmacology

3 units (fi 6)(EITHER, 0-0-8)

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

This course is designed to allow students to explore current topics and issues in pharmacology via projects such as critical literature reviews, simulated grant applications, community outreach and service projects. Before registration students must secure a supervisor from the Department of Pharmacology who will guide them through the course. Supervision by Professors from other Departments may be possible, provided that a sponsor from the Department of Pharmacology is identified and the project is relevant to the discipline of Pharmacology. Successful completion of a written report and a presentation is required at the conclusion of the project. Restricted to Pharmacology Specialization students or Honor students in Stream B in the fourth year of their program. Honors students in Stream B should consider enrolling in this course if they wish to focus within a singular Pharmacology topic but without the hands-on/lab experience. Prerequisites: PMCOL 303, PMCOL 306, PMCOL 343, PMCOL 344 or consent of instructor. Please contact the course coordinator for registration in the course.

No syllabi

Fall Term 2024

Winter Term 2025